Born in 1986, Andreas Jud studied piano, violin and organ from an early age. He studied organ at the Music Academy in Basel, Switzerland, with Jean-Claude Zehnder, Guy Bovet, Martin Sander as well as with Rudolf Lutz for improvisation. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music with distinction, as well as with a Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy and a Master of Arts in Specialized Performance. He was awarded the Hans-Balmer-Preis of the Basel Organists’ Association for best organ diploma.

As well as regularly performing throughout Switzerland and Germany, Andreas has performed as a guest organist both Paris and Los Angeles. He has also enjoyed success at various international competitions in Montréal (2011) and in Nurnberg (2013). His currently holds the position of organist at the Münster Allerheiligen and the church St. Johann in Schaffhausen.

Andreas Jud was awarded a three-year scholarship from Notenstein’s Young Musicians Programme in spring 2014.